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Pixel Knight is basically a platformer mix with a hack n slash in a pixel art style.

The game is about progressing into various levels and beat enemies to upgrade your gear and your character. My principal inspirations is Super Mario Bros. ,diablo 3, path of exil and others. I want you to be able to customize your character like you want to play it, choose spells through equipments and combine their effects to become more and more powerful.

This is a game demo for the Kickstarter campaign, the demo just include the first level of the game.


In the early stage of the game it will have 12 different level, 3 or 4 level with a certain environement and the last level for each different environement will be accompanied with a boss fight. At the end of each level if you have kill all the monsters (certain levels where you have to choose a path, you just have to kill the monsters in the path you choose) to have access to a chest that contain equipments, gems (currency) and a few potions, all the items in the chest are random.     


The game will have more than 15 different mobs, each of them can drop gems and some materials. The monsters will have different path and reaction when they are close to you, so you need to adapt to fight each different mobs.   


Like mobs, each boss are different on how they attack, move or react to you. It will not be easy to defeat them, but dont worry, you will earn the rewards you deserve.


Equipments will be the core of the game, there will be multiple equipments that will change drastically how you fight, add spells, attacks, effects and even can completely change your character. But keep in mind that the most powerful and fun equipments will not be accessible easily. You will need to travel levels, kill monsters and loot chests to find them.

For now there's not a lot of items that change your play-style but a lot will be added, the sets of equipments (in iron, silver, gold) just boost your stats and will be earn in the beginning of the game and more interesting equipments will be earn further in levels.


I said that spells will be added to your character with equipments but, what are those spells ? Here are some ideas of spells that could be in the game :

  • Dash's (already in game) effects can be added to a spell, like fire trail, stun monster when you dash through them.     
  • Elemental spells like lightning, fireball, ice spike.
  • Effects on your attacks, put enemies on fire, slow them.
  • Transformations to be a total different character like an archer, a mage or some other class.
  • Invocations, monsters that will attack for you but at a cost ; sacrifice your health to invoke them.
  • Passive spells like enemies become poisoned when they attack you, boots that let a fire trail when you walk or a percentage of chance to do elemental damage when you attack.

Modes and difficulties

It is planned to have 3 game modes in the game. The first one is the normal game, you progress in levels, loot items, gain experience, level up and upgrade your stats. The second one will be more challenging (Hardcore mode) you will have less health, decreased healing from all sources and loose experiences when you die. The third one will be a speed run mode, different categories will be available like no stats, no items, no monsters or just normal mode with a timer and a leaderboard to compare your time with others (leaderboard will be on Steam early and possibly in game later).


There is no specific plan at the moment for the story, to be honest stories in video game are not specially my thing, but i don't exclude to have some small background story in the game. I want to let the community participate in this part to give ideas and direction for a good little story if possible. (Nothing of what i said in this section is definitive, maybe it will be a bigger story than what i though but, i will not bet on that).

Pets and appearances customization

This is not a high priority but it will have some pets and customizations in the game, but take into account that the quantities will be proportional on how this project will work.

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